3-in-1 “becreative Framework Formula” eCourse & “ShineOn Productive!” eCourse +”Productivity Simplified” Listing

The intense “BEcreative Framework Formula” and powerful “ShineOn Productive!” eCourses with Productivity Simplified listing~ Yes, the perfect trio to work for you.

These 3 products is a perfect trio to jumpstart your life to success … “BEcreative Framework Formula” eCourse with 8 MAJOR steps towards it that’s completely applicable and “ShineOn Productive!” eCourse with 8 POWERFUL steps to jumpstart you also with it’s tandem of 37 “productivity simplified” master listing with 60 applicable tools to use …The right mix for you…

8 steps to Creativity

1) Open yourself
2) focus on your challenge
3) research, research, research
4) take a shower
5) connect the dots
6) find a solution then detach
7) test your solution
8) thank you, thank you, thank you

With these 8 steps, we go thru activities and hands on to do’s to learn the lesson.
It will further solidify the learning in doing so. It is tailored for it.

8 levels towards productivity

1) Align yourself inside & out
2) Fix the mess first in your life
3) Optimally use your strengths
4) Make a positive routine a habit
5) Create for your end goal
6) Balance everything when you do act
7) Find what works best for you… don’t just follow
8) Try to make a TRUEchoice always

These tandem will help you achieve your aims & goals by inspiring you & motivating you to move forward.

BEcreative Framework Formula to your success & being ShineOn Productive! with tandem “Productivity Simplified”…
3 for the price of 1!
to your SUCCESS.

+ Points:
Easy to apply
Step by Step techniques & listing
Hands on activities to DO!
Finger tip Information
Available in MP4s, MP3s, PDFs, PPTs ,KEYNOTES and a list of Converters
It is all accessible and downloadable from the membership area all the time

Bonus 8 How to Videos
Free ebooks on online business, copywriting & ways2creativity
30 days money back guarantee

After 5 years of doing our online business, let us guide you in your foray and help you succeed in it. Arming you with the much needed information & direction in doing so as soon as possible. We share it all here.

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The beCreative Framework Formula eCourse is the perfect trigger to use to jumpstart your creativity in all areas. It would help you and support you in your goals in life. It would broaden your horizon to the possibilities available for you. And ShineOn Productive eCourse would guide you thru time management & maximizing your time in all its possibilities. With Productivity Simplified is the perfect trio to make it all work and help your “it’s ALL working Life” along.

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